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Armstrongs opens monitoring station in Laval, Que.

April 30, 2024  By  SP&T Staff

Dan Small (President, Armstrongs), Justin Bailey (President, Becklar Enterprise Monitoring), Mme. Seta Topozian (Conseillère Municipale du District Renaud et Chargé des Dossiers de l’enfance), Patrick Straw (Executive Director, CANASA), Troy Iverson (VP of sales, Becklar Enterprise Monitoring), Clint Halverson (chief people officer, Becklar), Mathieu Lamontagne Lagacé (station manager, Laval, Armstrongs) Image courtesy Armstrongs

Armstrongs, a wholesale monitoring company with service across Canada, recently opened its latest monitoring station in Laval, Que. Collectively, the company monitors more than 250,000 accounts across Canada.

Armstrongs has invested almost $3 million into its Canadian operations and infrastructure in the last 18 months. The company was acquired by Becklar Enterprise Monitoring, based in Utah, in 2022.

Armstrongs said in a statement that adding another centre increases redundancy across its Canadian network.

“Redundancy significantly increases the probability that a signal is properly received regardless of circuit issues, weather or equipment failure. We not only focus on equipment redundancy within our monitoring centres but also redundancy among our centres. Any two of our three centres can carry the entire North American monitoring load with capacity to spare. ULC is now recognizing this need for simultaneous redundancy with the new requirements for 2025 — so with Armstrongs, our dealers will be covered beyond the new standard,” stated the company.


Armstrongs has also introduced a toll-free reroute service, which allows a single receiver line to travel across multiple tier one carriers as well as report to multiple centres. Redundancy and automatic fail-over becomes a built-in component of those lines.

The Laval facility resulted in the creation of 55 new jobs with more personnel expected by the end of the year.

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