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ABI whitepaper: physical security installs for LiDAR will surpass 3 million by 2030

April 30, 2024  By  SP&T Staff

According to ABI Research’s recent whitepaper, “Quanergy 3D LiDAR Solutions Redefining the Physical Security of Critical Infrastructure,” the worldwide physical security market for LiDAR sensors will surpass 3 million total installations by 2030, with water infrastructure leading the segment. The yearly revenue opportunity will exceed US$6 billion in 2030. The whitepaper is sponsored by California-based Quanergy Solutions, a provider of LiDAR technology.

The whitepaper explores:

  • A comparison of physical security technologies
  • Key critical infrastructure markets
  • LiDAR case studies for physical security segments
  • Physical security LiDAR market sizing and forecasts
  • Quanergy LiDAR solutions for physical security

In a press release, ABI Research stated that “3D LiDAR solutions will have a transformational impact on the physical security market, redefining how to protect vulnerable critical infrastructure.”

“The unique characteristics of LiDAR in terms of detection accuracy and reliability, range and field of view, continuous tracking, ease of deployment, and privacy preservation make it the technology of choice for next-generation physical security solutions to protect a wide range of mission-critical assets in the utility, data center, airport, and other critical infrastructure segments,” said Dominique Bonte, vice-president, end markets, ABI Research, in a statement.


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