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PureTech Systems’ video analytics integrated with OnSSI VMS

PureTech Systems, a provider of geospatial video analytics, announced that its PureActiv video analytics solution has been integrated with OnSSI 's Ocularis video surveillance platform.

November 27, 2012  By Staff

The integration allows users of OnSSI’s Ocularis software to utilize advanced video detection features in its alarm capabilities, such as real object size, real target size and real location (3D-latitude, longitude and elevation).

Ocularis is OnSSI’s video  management system that combines network video recorders (NVRs) with physical security information management (PSIM) functionality. The announced integration allows Ocularis to provide alerts utilizing PureTech Systems’ intelligent video analytic algorithms.

In addition to being able to alarm using geospatial parameters: real object size, real cross track speed, real forward track speed and real position, the integration provides the ability to provide zone-based alarms (wrong direction, entering zone, leaving zone, etc.) and alarms based on behavioral analytics (crowding, dropped object, loitering, etc.). The new suite of alarms also includes PureActiv’s learning background algorithm which reduces nuisance events and allows for high accuracy detection even with substantial background movement.

“We are excited to align our video analytics technology with another VMS leader in the security market,” says Eric Olson, Vice President of Marketing at PureTech Systems. “We see the availability of geospatial detection as a valuable capability for OnSSI users and another detection option for security consultants designing for perimeter protection.”


“PureTech Systems’ advanced video analytics deliver even greater capabilities for Ocularis users,” says Gadi Piran, president and CTO, OnSSI. “We are pleased to form this alliance with another security technology leader.”

PureTech Systems specializes in long range outdoor video-based detection, allowing detection at greater distances without the need for a specialized camera. The integration took place at PureTech’s headquarters in Phoenix, Ariz., with the first integrated system being installed for perimeter protection at several water treatment facilities in southern Arizona.

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