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PressLine Sponsored by TOA Canada Corporation posted on August 28, 2023

M-8080D Digital Matrix Mixer gets a Dante Boost

TOA Canada’s M-8080D Digital Matrix Mixer has received a great reception from the Canadian market for its excellent signal processing capability, flexible configuration options and cost effectiveness. Today we are happy to announce a significant addition to the M8080D series with the release of our Dante module designed exclusively for the M-8080D.

The M-800DT Dante module provides an easy-to-use audio over ethernet connection up to 16 M-8080D Matrix Mixer Systems. It adds 8 Dante Inputs and Outputs channels to expand the possibilities of the M-8080D system with the Dante ecosystem. In addition, multiple M-8080Ds can be operated as a single system that utilizes Dante as a backbone, allowing the system to have a total of 192 Inputs and Outputs. The intuitive GUI utilizes a familiar routing structure to enable a fast-programming timelines and rapid hardware implementation. Dante easily integrates with existing 3rd party Dante compatible equipment.

“With the increase in total Ins and Outs, our DSP can now compete for larger projects that require a high amount of connected devices such as multiple microphones” stated National Sales Manager Brian Silverthorne. The expanded M-8080D series is the ideal system for multi-zone paging, music distribution and in-room combining applications.

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