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PressLine Sponsored by TOA Canada Corporation posted on February 28, 2022

TOAlert, Cloud Based, High Visibility Emergency Communication Platform

TOA Canada Corporation, a leader in public audio communication, is extremely excited to complement their product offering with the TOAlert communication platform. With revered audio equipment used to broadcast essential and emergency information to communities, the inclusion of the attractive high-definition display for easy-to-read visual cues creates a powerful and highly effective proposal.

Facilities and institutions continue to explore ways to improve safety measures to ensure the well-being of their staff and customers. The sharp graphics on the dynamic display are visible from distance and provide greater awareness to people which establishment desire. “We feel the addition of our Cloud Based Platform and Devices add one more layer of protection for everyone in an overall paging environment,” stated TOA Canada Director Rico Lucia. Individuals can access the TOAlert platform through a PC or other device and enter the control site with its clean GUI, effortless menu panel with clear and obvious guidance that administrators will appreciate.

The benefits of the platform and its many features produce a crafty clock and communication system that can generate a variety of outcomes. TOAlert consolidates clock, bells, alarms, weather alerts, and messaging systems into one easy technology for smoother facility operation. Visual and audio alerts are a perfect blend, distributing clear and timely instruction during a threat. Convey news and messages visually on the display and even customize by floor or building location.

Who will use TOAlert? TOA Canada’s Product Development Manager, Ibrahim Chehade, puts like this, “It’s a flexible solution to manage organizational communication that saves time, money and improves safety, what industry wouldn’t take advantage of its benefits?” TOAlert is an advanced, powerful platform capable of integrating with 3rd party systems to produce better communication and productivity through daily messaging, emergency alerts and synchronized clocks. Ideal for markets such as education, healthcare, and large facilities in general, the deployment of the TOAlert platform in combination with TOA’s audio notification equipment will greatly expand a business’s operational effectiveness.

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