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Patriot One initiates international sales and announces new threat detection tech

July 29, 2019  By  SP&T Staff

TORONTO — Toronto-based Weapon detection technology firm Patriot One Technologies Inc. says its business development team is commencing international sales engagement.

According to the firm, it now has multiple reseller commitments representing the launch of international reseller operations. The initial overseas commitments cumulatively represent $1.96 million. When combined with previously announced North American reseller commitments, the firm says it has converted sales leads into long term commitments with a potential $8.1 million under contract over an initial three-year period.

Initial product shipments to international partners are scheduled to commence in August 2019.

“We’re excited about these initial commitments from our international resellers,” said Martin Cronin, Patriot One CEO, in a prepared statement. “We are building relationships based on trust and our partners are excited to be introduced to the power of our approach, which is based on the integration of multiple threat detection sensors into our PATSCAN Platform.”


Also, Patriot One says its PATSCAN platform now encompasses four uniquely compatible covert threat detection sensor/software components. The latest addition is the PATSCAN TMS.

According to Patriot One, PATSCAN TMS employs targeted magnetic sensor technology that can detect on-body or in-bag location of a growing list of concealed threat objects, such as long-barreled weapons and bombs. The system can be used in schools, universities, stadiums, event venues, resorts, casinos, government and office buildings. Operationally, when two or more people pass between the concealed sensors at the same time, the TMS sensor components will identify which individual is carrying the threat object and where it is located on-body or in-bag.

The firm says it determined to license the TMS technology from developer Quasar Federal Systems Inc., of San Diego, Cali.

“Adding our sensor technology to Patriot One’s AI-powered PATSCAN Platform made complete sense,” said YongMing Zhang, CEO of Quasar, also in a statement. “Integration with a suite of other threat detection sensors will have a positive impact for security in schools, resorts, stadiums and event venues; places where we have seen horrific tragedies these past few years.”

Patriot One also boasts microwave radar weapons detection, video software and a chemical sensor to detect explosive compounds, propellants like gunpower and narcotics.

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