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Magos Systems and Nightingale Security partner for drone solution

February 26, 2023  By  SP&T Staff

Magos Systems, a provider of radar detection technology, has partnered with robotic aerial security company Nightingale Security to provide a radar-activated drone solution for perimeter security.

The solution combines Magos ground-based radar detection and classification with the Blackbird autonomous drone from Nightingale that can independently respond to an event, according to the companies. Magos radars work in conjunction with PTZ cameras and the Magos MASS+AI software to classify targets as wildlife, vehicles, persons, etc. to reduce nuisance alarms and categorize potential threats. Once the Magos radar solution detects a potential target, the Blackbird drone is automatically dispatched from its base station to the alarm location, streaming live video to the security team, and serving as a mobile PTZ.

“Security teams monitoring large perimeters need instant intelligence on the location and type of threat and the ability to respond quickly based on that information,” said Yaron Zussman, general manager, Magos Americas, in a statement. “The threat classification capabilities of the Magos solution and the instant situational awareness provided by the Nightingale drone provide a completely automated solution to arm security officers with this intelligence.”


Capable of flying in sustained winds up to 45 mph, the Blackbird is designed specifically for security applications and can fly for up to 33 minutes at a time. Collecting video with both a visual sensor and a thermal sensor, the Blackbird can stream video to multiple users simultaneously and stores the video in Nightingale’s secure data storage. The Nightingale solution integrates with existing VMS, alarm sensor and alert systems.

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