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Konica Minolta launches managed EDR services

August 12, 2022  By SP&T Staff

Konica Minolta Business Solutions Canada Ltd. has introduced a new Managed Endpoint Detection and Response (MEDR) service, to help protect supported endpoints against modern attacks and exploitation.

The cloud-based service is designed to help secure endpoints on an organization’s IT networks through the detection of  unusual or potentially malicious activities. It also works to respond to threats and help neutralize them before they can cause compromise. This is accomplished through the implementation, management and monitoring of  endpoint protection powered by SentinelOne.

“Many businesses believe they are protected because they have implemented an EDR solution, but without a fully managed service that protects, detects and responds to threats, they are leaving themselves vulnerable to attacks,” said Gene Abramov, vice president, security services, Konica Minolta in a statement.

“Leveraging our extensive experience with both offensive and defensive cybersecurity, we invested in our MEDR service and partnered with a leading provider, giving us a competitive edge and helping to ensure we are providing our customers with the most effective protection against modern threats.”


Konica Minolta’s MEDR solution offers visibility into activity on endpoints as well as proactive “threat hunting.” The 24/7 service identifies, reviews and responds to security incidents, providing complete end-to-end protection and visibility across endpoints to help administrators keep their cyber-borders secured.

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