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Genetec and RideAmigos partner for commuter mobility solution

August 4, 2022  By  SP&T Staff

Genetec and RideAmigos have partnered to provide what they are calling a corporate mobility solution designed for commuters returning to their offices post-pandemic.

As described in their announcement, the solution pairs RideAmigos Commute Hub with Genetec AutoVu Free-Flow and Genetec Curb Sense.

The resulting tool provides commuters with the best route to their workplaces and reserves a “guaranteed” parking space, taking into account various needs like accessible parking to help manage travel time more effectively.

The tool created through RideAmigos’ Commute Hub combined with Genetec’s AutoVu Free-Flow and Curb Sense uses automatic licence plate recognition (ALPR) cameras to determine parking space availability.


Drivers are not the only commuters who may incorporate this tool into their daily routes, workers using mass transit, shuttles, carpooling and active choices like biking to work can also use it to find their preferred route every day.

“Leaders at large organizations realize that commuting options are a critical part of the overall employee experience, particularly as people transition back to offices after being fully remote,” said Genetec product line manager, AutoVu, Michael Bradner in a statement.

Using Curb Sense and Free-Flow, parking managers can detect and respond to situations where vehicles have parked in spaces not reserved, or if an unauthorized vehicle is in a parking lot.

Additionally, Using an ALPR-equipped vehicle to scan parked cars and relay the details to appropriate security officials helps minimize disruption and assists with overall security. If a car is parked incorrectly in a reserved space, the security and workplace teams can review the evidence package and determine appropriate action, including issuing in-app reminders to employees about parking guidelines.

Employers using this solution can also gain actionable insights into parking trends on different days of the week as office attendance patterns continue to evolve.

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