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Easy-to-Use PC Master Station Software

July 23, 2021  Sponsored by by Aiphone

Convert your customer’s computer into a featurerich IP intercom! Highlighting Aiphone’s IX-SOFT PC Master Station Software with an intuitive interface, a component of the versatile IX Series Peer-to-Peer IP Video Intercom.

The IX SOFT has all the features, options, and controls of a standard IX Series IP master station without taking up valuable desk space. It is perfect for any size business that wants the flexibility of an IP intercom but lack the space to install one.


Using a desktop or laptop computer as a software master station, customers can:

  • Identify call locations from an interactive map
  • Use map layering to zoom into target areas (entire campus, a building, or a room)
  • Select and drag to initiate group calls, page, or monitor activity as needed
  • Broadcast messages or alerts to individuals or groups
  • Record conversations direct to the computer’s hard drive to support criminal investigations
  • Automate system audits with Device Check and Line Supervision


Reach MORE Customers with PC-Based Solution

Applicable for any customer type! This PC‑based station is ideal for the common user in everyday situations, yet also perfect for the savvy guard overseeing an entire security operations center (SOC).

The software provides opportunities to revisit your existing IX Series installations. Customers who currently have an IX Series system installed can easily have their master stations replaced by the software. They can also have the software added to locations where there is no room for a physical master station.


Why offer your customers the IX Series PC Master Station Software?

From typical applications to complex configurations, the software offers the same features as the IX Series physical master stations.


Interactive map is a visually efficient way of selecting stations
Staff can immediately detect where a call originates and relay those details to first responders for them to accurately locate those in need of help.

  • Drag-selection style makes it easy to group call, page, or monitor on the fly.
  • General messages or paging alerts can be broadcast to a specific group or to the entire system, getting notifications to the masses.
  • Color-coded call-in priority notifications allow personnel to quickly assess if a situation is a general inquiry or a potential threat.
  • Layering maps provides the ability to zoom into specific areas for easier selection, such as a campus parking lot, a single building, or a specific area on a floor.


Reclaim valuable desk space
The PC Master Station Software eliminates the need for a physical master station, avoiding clutter where desk and counter space are a premium.

The USB dongle is used as a secure access key to ensure your customer has the proper license to use the software. The system requires one dongle per PC and cannot be interchanged with any other computer.


Built-in monitoring ensures the system will operate as expected

The internal Device Check and Line Supervision features continually verify all system components are functioning properly and connected to the network. A notification is immediately sent if something is malfunctioning or offline.

Operators will no longer have to perform a manual audit since this time-consuming process is now performed by the software.


Video conversations can easily be recorded

Recordings can be referred to at any time and transferred to other storage media such as USB drives, SD cards, or NAS systems.

In the event of a crime, recordings can be used to substantiate actual events.


Computer screen offers a larger viewing platform
The PC software can operate on any computer running Windows®7 (64bit), Windows® 8.1 (32/64bit), or Windows® 10 (32/64bit).

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