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Wireless lighting controls

October 27, 2019
By SP&T Staff

The Wattstopper Wireless DLM system from Legrand builds upon the original wired DLM system by extending its capabilities into IP-based wireless control. New wireless products include a dimming room controller, ceiling mount PIR occupancy sensor, corner mount PIR occupancy sensor, digital photosensor, dimming wall switch, and 5-button scene switch. Accompanying the hardware are the DLM Configuration app for Bluetooth based commissioning and an all new version of LMCS for project design and advanced system programming. Rounding out the offering are newly enhanced versions of the wireless bridge and border router products. Legrand developed the new wireless system using the latest in open standards and protocols for IoT systems in high performance buildings. Advanced IoT security has been layered into the system with the development and incorporation of Secure Commission and Secure Control technologies enabled in part by trusted hardware chips built into each wireless product.

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