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Top 10 Under 40: Jordan Stam, Owner/operator, STAM Security Controls, 24

August 1, 2022  By  SP&T Staff

What does your typical day look like? Tell us more about your security roles and responsibilities.
My day usually begins with checking and responding to emails, and getting things prepared for the day’s jobs. Depending on our current projects, some days we are installing new systems, some days are more dedicated to service calls. As the owner of the business, I also make sure my technicians have the support they need on their jobs, as well as attending meetings with customers and providing training to end users on their systems.

What do you enjoy most about working in the security industry?
From the perspective of an owner-operator that is very much involved in the day-to-day installations and service calls, I really enjoy servicing and troubleshooting older equipment. It is always a great feeling when you solve a difficult problem after spending time researching and troubleshooting the problem at hand. I’ve also never been one for an “office” style job, so I love being able to go out and meet new people.

What are your career goals for the future and how do you plan to achieve them?
For me, the most important thing for my career goals is being able to maintain our quality service and customer care. A lot of other companies focus on trying to expand aggressively, and invest heavily in marketing and such, which unfortunately often ends with poor customer care. I prefer to let my work speak for itself, and always strive to take care of the customers as best as possible. As a second-generation locksmith that was heavily influenced by my family in the business, I was always taught to make sure you are there for your customers, day and night, which is something that I have always taken seriously.

What have you learned about the security industry during your career and what advice would you pass on to newcomers?
Easily one of the most important things I would pass on to anyone new in the industry is never stop learning. The moment you as an owner or technician stop learning will be the moment you fall behind. There are lots of resources available to us, from things like SP&T News, which features useful articles, to online forums, and even just networking with others in the industry, being able to ask questions and share ideas with one another. Never be afraid to ask questions, and never stop learning.


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