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Schneider Electric and Claroty launch cyber risk solution for smart buildings

June 22, 2022  By  SP&T Staff


Schneider Electric has announced the launch of Cybersecurity Solutions for Buildings, a product the company has designed to help all buildings customers secure their building management systems, to protect their people, their assets and operations.

The joint solution with Claroty will combine its technology with Schneider Electric’s experience in the industry and services to identify all facility-wide assets, deliver risk and vulnerability management capabilities, and provide continuous threat monitoring to protect enterprise investments.

Schneider Electric estimates that 50 per cent of modern buildings will continue to have occupancies by 2050. The company says commercial buildings will continue to digitize their assets and modernize their building management systems.

Schneider Electric also anticipates that IoT technology for buildings will grow from an existing 1.7 billion connected devices at the end of 2020 to over 3 billion by 2025.


This transition of commercial buildings to smart buildings of the future comes with heightened exposure to risks.

According to Schneider Electric, 57 per cent of IoT devices have demonstrated vulnerability to medium or high-severity attacks.

The commercial building sector can take a proactive approach and develop ways to safeguard both access to IT systems and mission-critical infrastructure.

“For threat actors looking to disrupt operations, benefit financially and/or achieve other objectives, and in so doing to put individuals at risk, buildings can appear to be the perfect target. It is with this in mind that we are partnering with Claroty to bring our customers a comprehensive, industry-leading solution that meets the unique security and operational risks facing buildings of today and of the future,” said Annick Villeneuve, vice president digital enterprise solutions, Schneider Electric in a statement.

Below is a summarized list of the key components in the Cybersecurity Solutions for Buildings:

  • The system quips facility managers with a vendor agnostic solution, which they can secure remote access, asset inventory, efficiency, and other related requirements from building owners and asset managers.
  • It provides an automated asset discovery and network mapping solution that identifies and catalogs all system assets.
  • The solution delivers a continuous threat detection solution that constantly monitors buildings networks to identify, assess, and alert upon receiving indicators of network and asset level anomalies.
  • It allows vendors of smart building assets and systems to create external, secure tunnels to connect with and maintain specific resources and assets in the building network without introducing additional risk.

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