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Protection 1 is live with ASAP

CSAA International, the voice for central station monitoring companies, announced that Protection 1 Security Solutions, an alarm monitoring company in Romeoville, IL, is the latest alarm monitoring company to come online with the Automated Secure Alarm Protocol (ASAP) program.

August 25, 2014  By Staff

ASAP was launched in 2011 as an initiative by the alarm industry to increase the efficiency and reliability of emergency electronic signals from central station alarm companies to Public Service Answering Points (PSAPs). It was developed as an American National Standard in a cooperative effort between the Association of Public Communications Officials (APCO) and the Central Station Alarm Association (CSAA).
“Protection 1 is very excited to now have the ability to transmit alarm data to responding agencies via the Automated Secure Alarm Protocol (ASAP) program,” said Donald M. Young, Protection 1 Chief Information and Operating Officer. “The ASAP-to-PSAP alarm response program enables us to relay critical information with the utmost speed and accuracy in what can potentially be an emergency and/or life threatening situation. This saves valuable time for the 911 emergency operators we interact with on a daily basis.”
“We have also seen substantial benefit in the alarm event history updates we receive from the PSAP on the outcome of the alarm; this has created a better experience for our customers when they have an inquiry on an alarm event as we no longer need to call the PSAP for an update,” continued Young.  “We hope to see more PSAPs participate in the program in the future. It’s truly a win-win for both groups as we partner together to continue to improve the alarm communication process.”

For many years the law enforcement, fire, and emergency services communities have recognized that the timely delivery of intrusion, fire and other signals is a life safety issue, and that speed and accuracy of the delivery of those signals is critical. However, traditionally, these life safety signals were delivered verbally, which may have resulted in addresses or other information being communicated incorrectly. And, often the verbal communication process took several minutes to complete, which in life safety situations is critical time lost.
With ASAP, critical life safety signals and accurate information is processed in seconds, not minutes, through the NLETs system of state-to-state PSAP communication, insuring that critical time is not lost, and that complete and accurate information is transmitted to the PSAP every time. The ASAP program also helps reduce false alarms, saving the PSAPs and emergency services potentially millions of dollars.
“ASAP is gathering momentum over recent months as more monitoring companies come online in more localities. It is already active and successful in several PSAPs in Virginia, Washington, DC, Houston, TX, Tempe, AZ, and other areas,” said Pam Petrow, CSAA First Vice President and CEO of Vector Security. “We are excited about Protection 1 coming online. We look forward to working with PSAPs around the country to improve the validation and speed of central station transmissions through the ASAP program.”

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