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Patriot One to acquire video threat recognition software

TORONTO — Patriot One Technologies Inc., developer of the PATSCAN covert weapon detection system, has announced the acquisition of New Brunswick’s EhEye Inc., which makes video threat recognition software.

November 28, 2018  By  SP&T Staff

“We are extremely excited to join the Patriot One team. Their mission to become the foremost proponent and provider of innovative threat detection and counter-terrorism solutions and services for general public safety fully aligns with our own mission,” said James Stewart, EhEye’s CEO and president, in a statement.

Stewart continued, “We expect their advancements in machine learning for weapon recognition through their proprietary PATSCAN software, as well as their key strategic partnerships, to propel our video recognition solution’s commercialization. This will ensure significantly enhanced detection capability whenever weapons are handled inside or outside of facilities like event venues, schools or virtually any public building.”

Patriot One says this system automates the detection of weapons, disturbances and suspicious behaviours through existing camera infrastructure. Using computer vision techniques coupled with machine learning for artifact recognition, the solution employs deep learning architecture to alert security teams to anomalies that a standard video system cannot identify.   

EhEye is in the process of piloting the solution with an international airport and a correctional facility. 


“We are very pleased to welcome the EhEye team into the Patriot One family. Their award-winning threat recognition software will integrate into our client’s existing video camera networks offering a first line of defense to detect active shooters or terrorists approaching a venue with weapons drawn,” said Martin Cronin, CEO and president of Patriot One, in a statement.  “It will also offer an additional layer of detection inside buildings to track threats and even identify irregular disturbances or physical altercations between individuals.”

This video recognition software will become a part of Patriot One’s selection of threat detection solutions under the brand name PATSCAN VRS, and the firm expects to begin commercial deployment to select customer sites followed by distribution to its security system integrator network in Q1 of 2019.

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