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Patriot One Technologies announces accuracy enhancements to video recognition software

AI-enabled VRS identifies weapons and threatening disturbances in crowds

May 13, 2021  By  SP&T Staff

Patriot One Technologies Inc. announced enhancements to its Video Recognition Software (VRS) for identifying weapons and other threats in crowds.

Patriot One’s VRS is an artificial intelligence (AI)-based video analytics solution that detects threats and enables businesses, schools and other organizations to protect employees, students, customers and assets.

“False positives are a huge problem with other AI-based video analysis systems, which is why their alerts need to be reviewed and validated by humans before any action can be taken. This squanders critical minutes in the incident detection and response cycle,” said Peter Evans, CEO of Patriot One in a prepared statement. “VRS automatically validates alerts through multiple camera sources and a combination of AI analytic engines, so security staff can be correctly notified and briefed in real-time before a weapons incident or other type of disturbance arises.”

According to a company statement, Patriot One’s VRS is compatible with any IP-based video surveillance system.


“Patriot One’s VRS is highly effective at detecting weapons very early in the incident cycle, long before a perpetrator reaches a building, which dramatically increases the likelihood of being able to respond to threats before they impact employees and customers,” said Peter Giunchini, vice-president, New York Security Solutions, Inc. “These advanced insights enable our customers to secure their locations and protect their stakeholders in a cost-efficient way, since they don’t have to install brand new hardware to take advantage of VRS.”

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