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Opportunity and change

Security companies step up to the challenges created by COVID-19

August 26, 2020  By Patrick Shaw

The cream always rises to the top in tough times. Such is the case with the Canadian security industry.

The first phase of this began when all companies had to very quickly make changes to how they manage their staff and their interaction with their customers. This required integrators, distributors and monitoring stations to all figure out how to remain fully functional — which was done extremely well.

Guard companies that saw a quick spike in their business had to adapt to social distancing protocols while still providing the invaluable services that were required more than ever.

Many businesses that were running 24×7 were suddenly closed with little or no protection. The first wave of opportunity for some security providers was obvious. Companies now had vacant space where they could install proper security systems such as video, access control and intrusion without any disruption to their businesses. Secondly, safety and social distancing became the new priorities of the work environment, requiring different considerations as to the type of equipment that should be installed.


The ability to screen workers and visitors and to minimize the potential exchange of contamination from person to person was the imperative. All of a sudden, many innovative new products became very essential such as:

  • Access control requiring no physical touching of devices
  • Thermal screening products

And every company was suddenly living on conference calls and the audio/video market could barely keep up with the demand. Sales in these areas are stronger than ever. Great job!

CANASA and Security Canada

If you are not currently a CANASA member, contact me directly and let’s set up a phone call or Zoom meeting to discuss the benefits of membership in our organization.

We are very excited about our virtual trade show presentation that will be happening later this year. We are going to have an outstanding event that we know will give the entire Canadian security industry a chance to get together and do business.

Over the next few weeks, we will be sharing information on how you can participate, both as exhibitors as well as visitors. We know it will be a home run.

For information on how you can participate, please contact Steve Basnett (sbasnett@canasa.org) or myself (pstraw@canasa.org). Stay safe and enjoy the rest of the summer.

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