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Montreal children’s centre updates surveillance

Integrator Alarme Sentinelle has installed new Hikvision cameras at the JPPS Children’s Centre in Montreal.

August 15, 2017  By  SP&T Staff

Twin brothers attend JPPS

CPE-JPPS is located in a two-storey building and houses approximately 80 children and 18 staff members. The previously used cameras were no longer working and the entrance was monitored manually.

“Hikvision cameras will make a big difference for us,” said Randy Zucker, director of the CPE-JPPS in a statement. “Being able to observe the children, especially those with special needs, will help us improve our programs without causing any distress for the children.”

Alarme Sentinelle is a Montreal-based security service provider with a 39-year history. The company recommends that education institutions in Canada actively seek out security installers that are licensed with Quebec’s BSP (Bureau de la sécurité privée), the RBQ and are members of CANASA.


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