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Milestone Systems marks 25th anniversary

February 24, 2023  By  SP&T Staff

Image: Milestone Systems

Milestone Systems was founded in a Danish basement by John Blem and Henrik Friborg Jacobsen in 1998 with approximately US$11,500 in seed financing. Twenty-five years later, the company has annual revenues of over US$140M and employs more than 1,200 people.

According to the company, its VMS product, XProtect, first became available in Canada in 2002. Outside of its headquarters near Copenhagen, Milestone’s global office locations now include the U.S., Singapore, Bulgaria, Mexico, Australia, India and the United Arab Emirates.

“During the early 2000s, together with three or four other companies, we revolutionized the security industry by leading the transformation from analog to IP (digital) technology,” said Thomas Jensen, the company’s CEO since 2020, in a statement. “Looking ahead, we are preparing to innovate again. We see a future in which data-driven video technology is a game-changer that will help to make society safer and a better place for us all to work and live.”



Milestone Facts:

  • The company added a human rights clause into its end user licence agreements in 2009
  • Milestone traces its origins back to an idea for transferring financial data from the stock exchange. The co-founders discovered the same principal could be applied to video data
  • The first version of Husky, Milestone’s hardware product, debuted in 2013
  • Milestone Systems was acquired by the Canon Group in 2014


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