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Milestone’s latest software release

March 20, 2022  By SP&T Staff

Milestone Release R1 2022

Milestone’s latest video management software includes a management server failover solution and a single sign on in X-Protect.

XProtect Management Server Failover

The XProtect management server failover solution protects the server from hardware, software and human error server failures.  Operators should be able to log into the system and access live and playback video at all times.

The solution also provides real-time file replication, automatic application failover and automatic fileback after a server failure.


Single Sign On in XProtect

With the new release of Milestone XProtect 2022 R1, users can choose their preferred identity and access management and use their corporate credentials to sign into XProtect with single sign on.

According to Milestone, this means users no longer need to keep track of different sets of credentials, and administrators can assign and relinquish login privileges based on users authorized in the IAM system. This should mean less manual work for the end-user. Milestone also says SSO support is available for the Smart and Management clients in all XProtect products, version 2022 R1 or later.

Value boost for XProtect Xpress+ and XProtect Professional+

XProtect 2022 R1 upgrades viewing and streaming and reduces server load. With XProtect Smart Client multi-live streaming, users can optimize their viewing performance according to available bandwidth and view layouts.

Adding XProtect Smart Client multi-live streaming allows clients to use several streams from a single camera source for live viewing. To help reduce traffic on the mobile server, XProtect’s adaptive streaming can switch to receiving lower resolution streams when higher resolution is not needed.

Direct streaming allows users to stream live video directly to their XProtect Mobile and XProtect Web Client.

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