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Micro Key Solutions partners with The New DICE Corporation

Partnership to offer an integrated Matrix Interactive Video Platform to millennium monitoring central stations

June 11, 2021  By  SP&T Staff

Micro Key Solutions and the New DICE Corporation have partnered to provide central stations who are using Millennium Monitoring automation software with the ability to add interactive and advanced video services with AI analytics.

While the two companies both offer monitoring and video solutions currently, the partnership allows central stations powered by Millennium Monitoring to take advantage of interactive video services offered by Matrix Interactive.

The Matrix Interactive engine uses several third party technologies embedded into the platform, providing AI analytics. These technologies include object detection, human behaviour detection, and object filtration.

According to a company statement, the platform analyzes, understands, and prioritizes the video stream in real-time. If nothing is detected during the tour, there is no need for operator intervention. The priority level determines if the video is sent to an end user, a central station operator, and/or recorded.


“The change in focus from our video partners, including DICE’s Matrix Interactive, has positioned video monitoring into a more useful and sellable security offering,” said Chuck Speck, executive vice-president of Micro Key Solutions, in a prepared statement. “With analytics being right at the core, DICE’s solution embraces the changing needs in the market and delivers actionable information when dispatchers need it most, separating that data from the deluge of video information that floods a monitoring center.”

“We are proud to partner with Micro Key Solutions and are enjoying a great working relationship,” said New DICE Corporation Co-President Avi Lupo. “Thanks to an open and generic platform DICE developed for industry players, the solution is an opportunity to add value for Micro Key central stations and their customers by providing them with advanced interactive video monitoring. Plus, it is an excellent new RMR generator with initial minimal investment for Micro Key central stations.”

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