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Key Systems joins Ingersoll Rand’s aptiQ Alliance Program

Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies has announced that Key Systems, Inc., manufacturer of high security electronic asset control devices and high security management software to provide real-time event reporting has joined the aptiQ Alliance program.

September 12, 2013  By Staff

Customers can now use one credential, a high security aptiQ smart card, with Key Systems, Inc. products to gain access to and track medical devices, electronic lockers, weapons, computer devices, mobile phones, tools, equipment and motor fleets.

“Asset tracking is becoming a larger component of an overall access control and security program,” says Diane Kehlenbeck, Ingersoll Rand director of technology alliances. “Whether it’s a sheriff’s department assuring that weapons don’t fall into the wrong hands, or hospitals meeting privacy requirements, organizations need to track and control their assets in a secure manner. As part of the aptiQ Alliance, Key Systems, Inc. is providing enhanced security options for their customers.”

aptiQ smart credentials increase the security of information kept on a card, placed on a product or stored in the facility. In comparison to magnetic stripe cards or proximity cards, the encrypted security of aptiQ credentials ensures they are more difficult to counterfeit. It is impossible to put a dollar amount on the potential damage that an organization could suffer by unauthorized individuals gaining access to restricted assets. By issuing aptiQ credentials with strong authentication mechanisms and Key Systems, Inc. products, organizations are effectively investing in their well being and demonstrating that they take security seriously.

“With this alliance, we look forward to providing our customers with even more options to control and manage enterprise critical assets,” said George Eckerdt, chief executive officer of Key Systems, Inc. “Providing the aptiQ credential is based on our clear vision of a secure future and a willingness to invest in technology and innovation. The scope and caliber of our product line is the result of our commitment to excellence.”


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