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IPVM launches integrator finder

Research firm IPVM has launched an online security integrator finder tool, allowing interested parties to search for security installers across the globe.

April 29, 2015  By  Neil Sutton

Currently, there are more than 1,300 integrators listed globally. They can be located through a search tool or by zooming in on a application powered by Google Maps.

“Our goal is to have every integrator worldwide listed,” says Michael Budalich, marketing director, IPVM. The company says the tool will prove valuable to a variety of interested parties, including vendors, distributors, architects and engineers. “And for end users, obviously, they can find more suppliers in the area,” he says. “It’s a service to the industry and it’s good promotion for us, because we’re providing that service.”

IPVM has 11,000 members globally. The majority of its market is in North America, but its membership includes more than 100 countries. Budalich says the company is relying on its members “to tell us who are the reputable systems integrators in their region.”

All integrators are welcome to participate, regardless of size.


“It’s a free tool; it’s not just for our members but for anybody,” says Budalich. The listings currently include the integrator’s location and website. Budalich hopes to add additional details such as licences held, number of employees, years in business, etc.

The finder, which can be located at ipvm.com/integrators, currently lists about 100 integrators in Canada, but that number should grow as word gets out about the service, says Budalich. Listings can be added directly on to the website.

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