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IPVideo Corp launches lockdown system for schools

February 20, 2023  By  SP&T Staff

Image: IPVideo Corp.

Sentry ERS from IPVideo Corp. is a purpose-built lockdown system with K-12 schools and campus environments in mind.

With the push of the lockdown button on the base unit, the entire school lockdown protocol is initiated. This includes doors locking, PA announcements, and activation of strobe lights throughout a facility. Additionally, audible lockdown messages are played from the unit, location beacons are provided, police dispatch is notified, push notifications are sent out to security, administration, etc., and live audio and video communications are automatically established with first responders to assess and address the critical situation. Each Sentry ERS unit comes with a dedicated mobile smartphone for those in distress to broadcast a secondary video stream and communicate with first responders live, providing real-time information at the scene.

“Our mission is always to make the world a smarter, safer and healthier place,” said David Antar, president of IPVideo, in a statement. “We remain committed to providing facilities with advanced technology like the Sentry ERS Lockdown and Emergency Response System to help keep campus staff and first responders better equipped, protected and prepared for crises of all magnitudes.”



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