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IPVideo Co. to showcase new AI products at GSX 2022

September 10, 2022  By SP&T Staff

IPVideo Corporation will be showcasing three new event-driven AI security products: VuroAI, Sentry ERS, and HALO 3C at GSX 2022, booth #2610 in Atlanta, Ga. from September 12 to 14.

VuroAI Smart Video Telematics is a complete driver security and fleet management solution. VuroAI uses live video feeds for real-time AI detection and sends alerts on dangerous driving behaviours. VuroAI has a real-time dashboard that collects driver locations and operation history. VuroAI improves driver safety, locates vehicles, identifies drivers, and empowers claim processing.

Sentry ERS is a school and campus emergency response system that includes a physical lockdown button, which when pressed will lockdown the school and contact the authorities in the event of an emergency situation. When the system’s phone is activated, it provides a live video feed to emergency response personnel who can quickly identify the location of a reported emergency, validate, and capture situational awareness.

The HALO Smart Sensor 3C is an all-in-one device that now includes a Panic Button, 2-way Audio Communications, Indoor Health Index, Emergency Escape and Alert Lighting, Motion Detection, and options for People Counting and customized sensors such as ozone, sulfur dioxide and water leaks.


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