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IndigoVision unveils major Control Center release

IndigoVision has now launched Control Center Eagle. With a new user interface, advanced Motion Search technology, real time alarm tracking and "client licence-free" installation, Control Center Eagle is what IndigoVision considers the future of video management software.

October 22, 2013  By Staff

“IndigoVision launched the original Control Center eleven years ago in 2002”, states Paul Murphy, IndigoVision Head of Marketing. “Control Center revolutionised security and was the first truly scalable VMS. Other innovative features included live, playback and administration in a single user interface and intuitive software PTZ control.

“Since then, a number of other security companies have copied the Control Center name but their software just doesn’t come close in terms of performance and operation,” Murphy claims. “We wanted to name the new version of Control Center after something that was fitting and couldn’t simply be stolen or copied.”

Murphy continues, “As Control Center was first released eleven years ago, we wanted to highlight this technological pedigree and also the intelligent engineering carried out by the IndigoVision software design teams. It seemed only fitting that this latest version of Control Center be named after the legendary Apollo 11 lunar landing module – Eagle.”

“Ever since Control Center hit the market in 2002, IndigoVision’s focus has always been on helping security operators to carry out their duties as easily and efficiently as possible,” explains Alex Swanson, IndigoVision’s Head of Engineering, “For example, our highly intuitive interface allows operators to simply click on an area on the map and Control Center’s intelligence instantly knows what cameras cover that location, meaning operators need not worry about memorizing camera names.”


Control Center Eagle contains a number of additional features designed to make installation, maintenance and operation of security systems extremely easy. IndigoVision’s advanced Motion Search algorithms and ground-breaking Motion Thumbnail technology allows operators to find the right evidence quicker than any other VMS. Third party systems, such as access control, perimeter detection and building management systems can be seamlessly incorporated to give advanced and fully integrated video and alarm management.

Paul Murphy concludes, “When you are an industry trailblazer, competitors will steal your ideas. We recently launched the IndigoVision Enhanced range of IP cameras – and months later some competitors are trying to use the same name. We look forward to the influx of copycat Control Center applications being renamed, knowing that just like eleven years ago in 2002, IndigoVision was the first.”

Control Center Eagle has inbuilt ONVIF IP camera support, supports over 300 non-ONVIF IP camera models through IndigoVision’s Camera Gateway and has complete support for all IndigoVision IP cameras and analogue encoders released since 2003.

IndigoVision’s Software Upgrade Plan (SUP) means any IndigoVision customer with an active SUP agreement has access to the latest version of Control Center, with future releases Control Center Intrepid and Control Center Aquarius scheduled for release in 2014 and 2015.

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