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Bosch and OnSSI partnership delivers more integration possibilities

The strategic partnership between Bosch Security Systems and OnSSI is aimed to create greater integration capabilities between Bosch IP video devices and the Ocularis IP video surveillance and security platform.

September 6, 2013  By Staff

As a result, Ocularis v3.6 now supports edge recording and new high definition cameras from Bosch.
“Mutual customers will benefit from our unique camera technology that dynamically tunes image processing to deliver the best video quality while also lowering bandwidth and storage requirements,” said Rudolf Spielberger, Head of the Integration Partner Program at Bosch Security Systems. “Combining this advanced level of image detail with the event fusion capabilities of the Ocularis platform enables end users to more easily validate alerts and more efficiently handle security risks.”
Video management
As an integrated video and event management platform, Ocularis’ workflow provides a collaborative environment in which video and alerts from across an organization are converted into meaningful events for shared handling. The platform can scale from single site installations up to multi-site applications with an unlimited number of cameras. Ocularis offers scalability without penalty; with more devices, the per camera cost decreases.
Ocularis v3.6 now supports the on-board storage capabilities of Bosch IP cameras. This can ensure uninterrupted video recording in the event of a network or server failure. For additional protection of video data, the Ocularis system can also communicate independent of the server after devices have been authenticated. This provides continued access to video streams even in the event of a server outage.
Reduced bandwidth requirements
With the addition of the latest HD cameras from Bosch, mutual customers can take advantage of intelligent Dynamic Noise Reduction technology, which actively analyzes the contents of a scene to reduce bandwidth and storage requirements. Combining this unparalleled technology with solutions from OnSSI, such as the Ocularis Media Server, provides greater flexibility for viewing detailed, high resolution video even over low-speed connections.
“Strategic partnerships between best-in-breed technology manufacturers like Bosch and OnSSI continue to improve the security offerings available to users,” said Ken LaMarca, VP of Sales, OnSSI. “The capabilities of Ocularis leverage the excellent image quality and storage capabilities of the Bosch IP cameras, to the benefit of our customers.”
“Customers will gain even more value in the future as Bosch and OnSSI further the partnership with ongoing technical collaboration,” continued Spielberger.
Additional Bosch features currently supported by the Ocularis platform include tamper and motion detection, multi-streaming and H.264 compression. For more information, visit the Integration Partner Program web portal at ipp.boschsecurity.com or go to www.onssi.com/support/supported-devices.

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