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Boon Edam Inc. appoints new factory executive

Patrick Nora joined the Boon Edam factory in April 2018 as the operations manager

April 29, 2020  By  SP&T Staff

Boon Edam Inc. has appointed Patrick Nora as the new president and managing director of the Boon Edam factory organization (Boon Edam Manufacturing) in Lillington, North Carolina.

Patrick will work in tandem with Valerie Anderson, the president and managing director of the commercial organization (Boon Edam Inc.), to fabricate and deliver premium security entrances and architectural revolving doors to customers in the Americas.

As the executive officer of the factory, Patrick will oversee the management of operational efficiency, safety, and continuous improvement in a lean manufacturing environment and liaise with other Boon Edam management stakeholders to meet the ever-evolving needs of the customer.

“Having seen Patrick’s passion for improvement and his leadership over the past two years, I am excited for Patrick’s promotion to Managing Director of our manufacturing operations,”  said Anderson in a statement. “As we continue to serve some of the largest organizations in the world, which presents more demand and complexity on our factory, Patrick’s experience in manufacturing and his proven commitment will be an excellent fit for continued success.”


Patrick joined the Boon Edam factory in April 2018 as the operations manager and set new procedures in place related to improving safety, quality, and productivity.

“There are two beliefs that I hold strongly,” said Nora, “First, an organization’s greatest strength and only lasting competitive advantage is its people, and second, an organization is a reflection of its leadership. As we strengthen the leadership at Boon Edam and engage all of our staff across the organization, our results will improve. I look forward to working with Valerie to align our operations and commercial teams to continue providing an exceptional experience for Boon Edam’s employees and most importantly our customers.”

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