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Body Armour Canada to distribute REPULS deterrent spray in Canada

December 15, 2021  By  SP&T Staff

Body Armour Canada Ltd. and Crotega Safety Solutions announced a partnership to bring Crotega’s newly developed REPULS deterrent spray to the Canadian market.

“After several months of discussion and obtaining the necessary licensing, we are very pleased to be working with Crotega to bring their revolutionary REPULS deterrent spray to Canada,” said Bill Geraghty, CEO of Whitby, Ont.-based Body Armour Canada, in a statement. “As a former police officer, I can attest to the negative side effects related to using the old and out-dated conventional pepper spray (OC/CS) when trying to detain and secure a suspect. An officer can experience the same discomfort, due to the airborne residue surrounding the suspect when going hands-on to detain them, which can linger in their eyes as well as on their face and clothing. If the spray is utilized in a vehicle or cell, these areas often become unavailable for long periods as they need to be completely cleaned.”

According to a press release, the water-based chemical deterrent REPULS spray is easily and quickly mitigated with water being applied to the receiver’s eyes. In addition, there is little or no need to mitigate a vehicle, cell, or an officer’s clothing other than to remove the odour.

“This new spray is a game changer for persons within law enforcement, corrections, CBSA as well as specialized security teams,” added Geraghty.


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