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Alzheimer’s Health Club upgrades access control

Alzheimer's and dementia are, unfortunately, diseases that are becoming more prevalent in our society. As more people are diagnosed more strain is put on existing services in providing care for patients and respite for caregivers. One company has approached the market with an innovative solution, geared to making life easier for patients and caregivers, in a comfortable setting with familiarity in what Alzheimer's and dementia patients need.

October 14, 2015  By  SP&T Staff

Security technology plays a role in this solution making life safer for the clients and staff as well.

Memory & Company is Canada’s only Alzheimer’s Health Club, and newest true alternative in dementia care. They offer an upscale, private health club setting, specializing in the health and happiness of people with Alzheimer’s and related dementias, as well as their Caregivers.

Memory & Company was developed so that Caregivers can return to work, run errands, reacquaint with friends and hobbies, or simply take a break, one to six days-a-week. They also propose being a temporary-solution while waiting for a Long-Term or specialty care homes. They cater to the needs of clients by providing a nurturing and healthy place that encompasses their emotional, spiritual, physical, intellectual, social, and nutritional needs.

The staff and service providers are trained professionals who understand and cater to the specific needs of those with dementia.


Memory and Company needed an access control solution that would control and allow employee access, as well as announce visitors, caregivers and clients coming into the premises. They also needed a system that would protect clients from leaving or wandering away from the premises without staff knowledge, along with video recording who came and went. And since staff were mobile throughout the facility, they wanted announcements of people at the entrance doors to be sent to staff smartphones and tablets so they could respond appropriately. For advice on what to do and how to implement this kind of solution, they contacted Derek Candolini of Emergency Notification Solutions.

Derek then contacted WatchNET Inc, a Canadian manufacturer of Access Control and Video Surveillance Solutions. They provided an access control system that incorporated a PIN pad solution instead of access cards for extra security (in case a client picked up a staff members access card and wandered off). Pin pad readers were installed at key entrances and incorporated a visitor announcement option. Since the WatchNET system included integrated video, cameras were installed at the key entrances and it was easy to provide a doorbell type button that when pushed sent a snapshot of who was at the door, over the wireless network, to staff smartphones/tablets. The appropriate staff member could now respond to the door and greet the clients and caregivers. Schedules in the system help control doors with exterior access to client patios and activity areas to specific times, and easy access to the system allows staff to lock those areas during times of inclement weather.

Benefits to the client:

●    Monitor incoming and outgoing personnel and patients.
●    Door notification sent to mobile or IPad through email/SMS allows the client to see who is at the door from a remote location in the building.
●    Restrict patients from areas they should not be in so they don’t get confused or lost.
●    Pin pad and card access in case a patient inadvertently takes an access card.
●    Sensors alert staff if a patient tries to wander.

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