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Alarm.com introduces Ambient Insights for monitoring facilities

August 4, 2021  By  SP&T Staff

Image courtesy Alarm.com

Alarm.com has introduced Ambient Insights for alarm response, a new solution the company says recognizes activity around a property and delivers contextual information to monitoring stations in the event of an alarm.

Monitoring stations can use this real-time data to prioritize alarms and dispatch police, fire or emergency medical services to properties faster, states Alarm.com. Ambient Insights also allows for responses to a wider range of emergencies and reduces dispatches for false alarms.

“Alarm.com has long applied machine intelligence to generate contextually aware insights proactively for property owners,” said Dan Kerzner, chief product officer at Alarm.com in a statement. “Ambient Insights for alarm response are the next step in our multi-year vision to use AI and adaptive machine learning to define the next generation of smart monitored security. We’re especially proud of this solution as it allows for a better customer experience and helps the industry reduce false alarm dispatches.”

Ambient Insights for alarm response builds on the company’s Insights Engine, a proprietary machine learning capability that identifies patterns and insights in the growing set of data generated by devices and sensors in a connected property. By learning the unique activity patterns of any home or business, Alarm.com-powered systems can respond to unusual activity on the property owner’s behalf.


“We’re thrilled with this latest innovation from Alarm.com, which is going to revolutionize emergency response and enable security providers to offer an even smarter, more differentiated customer experience,” said Pam Petrow, president and CEO of Vector Security. “The public safety implications are key. We’ll be able to get the right information to the right people at the right time in critical moments — precisely when it matters most.”

“From my 20-plus years in public safety, this is exactly what we’ve needed all along,” said Alicia Burns, public safety technology alliance manager for Alarm.com. “Ambient Insights for alarms, in conjunction with The Monitoring Association’s proposed Alarm Validation Standard, will provide significant opportunities to make it possible for alarm responders to make better-informed decisions.”

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