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ADT Survey: small owners struggle to unplug

ADT has released findings from a recent survey of small business owners that reinforced the significance of technology in the life of a modern-day entrepreneur, especially during vacation season.

August 7, 2014  By Staff

Of those surveyed, results revealed:

– More than half (55%) said they never travel without their phone so that they can check in on the business while they’re away.
– A majority of bosses (86%) plan on taking vacation in the next six months, beyond this summer.
– Nearly half (45%) said theyfind it very hard to ‘check out’ while away.
– Many (44%) call, text or email their business every day while on vacation.
– One quarter (25%) shared feelings of being nervous about something happening to their business while away.
– One-fifth (21%) felt guilty leaving their business unsupervised.

In today’s increasingly-connected world, small business owners may never be able to truly unplug, but relevant and innovative technologies can offer them greater relaxation, knowing they can keep an eye on their business while vacationing.
“Our main priority is to address the challenges that keep small business owners up at night – whether they are at work, at home, or thousands of miles away on vacation,” said Luis Orbegoso, President of ADT Small Business. “The survey results demonstrate the need for solutions like ADT Pulse that help small business owners take a break and still have peace of mind knowing they can check in and receive activity-triggered alerts, from anywhere at any time.”
Making time to get away from work can certainly be possible with effective solutions that help ensure protection and control while away. Accessible through any web-enabled device, such as a smartphone or tablet, ADT Pulse®Interactive Business Solutions, as well as supporting ADT product offerings, feature relevant capabilities for small businesses:
Video Surveillance: Delegate critical business responsibilities to employees and remotely check in on their progress and daily interactions with customers, via secure, real-time online video or event-triggered video clips.
Custom Alerts: Receive email or text notifications if certain activities occur, such as the business opening at irregular times or movement in a restricted area detected through motion and/or video.
Temperature Maintenance: Remotely monitor and adjust the business thermostat; and for business owners in the food service industry, receive notifications of perilous changes in freezer and cooler temperatures, to ensure that health standards are maintained and food spoilage is prevented.
Control Lighting: Help ensure premise security and prevent after-hours break-ins, while away on vacation, by setting triggers to illuminate outdoor lights when the alarm is armed.


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