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Zigbee Alliance and Thread Group: Dotdot specification now available over Thread’s IP network

The Zigbee Alliance and the Thread Group have announced the availability of the Dotdot specification over Thread’s IP network.

December 14, 2017  By  SP&T Staff

Dotdot is the Zibgee Alliance’s universal language for the Internet of Things (IoT). Thread is the Thread Group’s open, IPv6-based mesh networking technology for IoT products. Dotdot enables the application layer at the heart of Zigbee to work across Thread’s IP network.

The organizations say this is the first time developers can use an established, open and interoperable IoT language over a low-power wireless IP network.

With Dotdot over Thread, product and platform vendors can ensure the high-quality, interoperable user experiences needed to drive growth, while IP allows vendors to maintain a direct connection to their device and their customers, they add.

“The Thread Group’s vision is to extend IP – the powerful foundation of the internet — to low-power IoT devices,” said Grant Erickson, president, Thread Group. “Just like the Internet, this vision also requires the industry to put forth open, common protocols so devices from any vendor can work together. Dotdot gives Thread adopters an important option for that open, end-to-end connectivity and interoperability.”


The Dotdot specification is available today to Zigbee Alliance members. Additional resources, including the Dotdot Commissioning Application, will be available in summer 2018, along with the opening of the Dotdot Certification program from the Zigbee Alliance.

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