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Xpress mobile card readers track employees

ImageDatastrip has partnered with Telaeris Inc. to distribute the Xpress line of wireless access management products with its DSVII family of mobile card readers.

XPressEntry tracks employees entering and exiting project-specific sites and remote facilities that are traditionally difficult to secure, including permit-required confined spaces and muster areas. A safety attendant uses a DSVII device equipped with XPressEntry to read a worker’s ID card, which transmits the entry activity wirelessly to an onsite server. The server sends entry activity to a Web site so that off-site personnel can view real-time occupancy information to track activity and create reports.

 XPressProx is an ultra-small USB proximity reader. When installed in the DSVIIs, it provides an extended read range and allows proximity cards to be read quickly when presented to the top of the handheld terminal.
 XPressFreedom is a small Ethernet-to-Wiegand board that converts data from standard 26- or 36-bit proximity, MIFARE, DESFire, HIDiCLASS, barcode or magnetic stripe cards to an industry standard Wiegand format. Most access control systems accept this format, allowing users to benefit from the mobility of the DSVIIs without the addition of expensive custom software.

www.datastrip.com, www.telaeris.com

May 7, 2009
By Staff

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