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CANASA update: Working to reduce false alarms

December 10, 2019  By Patrick Straw

Recent statistics from several police services have shown that the collaborative efforts between our industry and emergency services are beginning to have a measurable effect on our collective goal of reducing false alarms.

Our goal is to constantly work with the Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) community on sharing of information, promoting best practices and ensuring that CANASA members have access to current information and training that will provide them with the knowledge to conduct themselves to the highest standards.

We support the initiatives that have been implemented over the last couple of years requiring verified alarm protocols and we are well aware of the need to reduce the false alarm numbers and minimize resources that can be better used in other situations.

CANASA regularly publishes white papers for our members which detail the proper procedures for setting up and updating customer account information so that address and phone information is accurate to minimize wasted time. Visit www.canasa.org for the information.


CANASA recently held a Monitoring Symposium in conjunction with our Security Canada Central show in Toronto and we were pleased to have active participation on our discussion panels from members of the Ontario police and fire services.

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PERS and mPERS (Personal Emergency Response Systems and Mobile Personal Emergency Response Systems) are another important area of discussion. With the aging population there is going to be a significant increase in the use of personal alarm products. Some are localized to an address and some have GPS capabilities designed to locate a person in distress.

Recognizing that this could be another burden on monitoring and dispatch resources, CANASA has established a committee which is looking into all aspects of the use of these devices. We will be consulting with AHJs as well as both legal and industry experts to ensure that our members have the latest information.

Our Goal

The public’s need for quality security protection is growing at a very fast pace. CANASA is committed to making sure that we are partners with the emergency services working together for the highest possible quality of service to the public who we serve and protect. We encourage all of the AHJ community to contact us at any time to assist with issues that we are mutually involved in. As CANASA’s executive director, I am an active member of the CACP, Private Sector Liaison Committee, and the OACP.

I would be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding these important issues. You can reach me at pstraw@canasa.org.

Patrick Straw is the executive director of CANASA.

This story originally appeared in the Nov/Dec 2019 issue of SP&T News.

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