Access Control
Wireless Schlage AD-Series

The patent-pending modular design of Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies’ Schlage AD-Series lets users adapt to new technologies easily, even when changing to wireless networking capabilities.

February 14, 2011
By Staff

Without replacing the lock, or even taking it off the door, users can upgrade network modules to go from an offline to networked solution. With its open architecture platform, users can now choose the specific electronic lock they need with full confidence that it can be later upgraded without ever taking it off the door. The new Schlage AD-Series electronic locks handle Schlage or third party software and are able to leverage existing network infrastructure.

Especially for applications that call for immediate lockdowns, a patent-pending “wake up on radio” feature works in parallel with the 10-minute heartbeat. Without waking up the entire lock, it listens for complementary commands every one to 10 seconds and responds. Thus, ten seconds is the longest it will take to initiate lockdown versus up to 10 minutes with typical 900 MHz solutions and up to fours hours with Wi-Fi.

Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies will be in Booth 20041 during ISC West in Las Vegas. April 6-8, 2011.


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