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Windsor casino part of 10-year Cisco deal with Harrah’s

Harrah’s Operating Co., a subsidiary of Harrah’s Entertainment, Inc., the world's largest provider of branded casino entertainment, has signed a broad-based, 10-year global strategic agreement with Cisco.


May 20, 2008  By  Jennifer Brown

The collaboration will enable the delivery of compelling
next-generation guest experiences through the use of Cisco products and
allow Harrah’s to remain at the forefront of innovation in the casino
entertainment industry.

Harrah’s has a long-standing collaboration with Cisco’s Internet
Business Solutions Group (IBSG), the company’s global strategic
consulting arm. IBSG will assist Harrah’s in implementing innovative
technologies including the implementation of a
next-generation security and surveillance infrastructure. 

The upgrade
is designed to significantly improve facility security and safety, 
support new “smart service” initiatives that enable even more proactive
employee service, and help Harrah’s deliver on its bold vision to
launch the next wave of industry-leading guest experiences.  

“We are engaging with Cisco to help us architect and enable the next
generation of our innovative vision for guest offerings across our
existing portfolio of worldwide resorts as well as exciting new
resorts, new channels and new guest experiences that we are developing
from the ground up,” said Tim Stanley, chief information officer and
senior vice-president of innovation, gaming and technology at Harrah’s
Entertainment. “This strategic agreement is key to our vision of
creating value for Harrah’s, our partners and most importantly our
guests through our digital migration initiative.  Critical to that
vision is our Cisco powered network which serves as the digital
backbone to enable innovative guest service opportunities, highly
personalized guest offerings and interactions, and new and improved
ways for us to reach and interact with our customers.”  


Harrah’s is upgrading its digital backbone to power numerous new
capabilties over the next few years and is implementing a new digital
security and surveillance infrastructure across North America and
abroad. Upon completion of Harrah’s digital migration program, Cisco
will have enabled the deployment of one of the largest Internet
Protocol networking-based physical security implementations in the
gaming and entertainment world.

Among the applications to help enhance operational excellence and
customer experience, Harrah’s will implement Cisco digital video
technology, which will provide greater visibility to guest areas such
as hotel registration desks, valet parking areas and outdoor
entertainment venues. This will enable Harrah’s to have real-time
responses to situations. For example, it will be able to quickly add
staff at the hotel check-in area when guest registration lines become
too long.

“As part of the 10-year global strategic agreement , Harrah’s will
collaborate with multiple Cisco technology groups to create a unique
collaboration between our two organizations,” said Bill Stuntz, vice-president and general manager of Cisco’s Physical Security business
unit. “Through an ongoing dialogue started more than a year ago,
Harrah’s has embraced the network to serve as a highly secure platform
to drive a new customer experience vision that will help it meet its
long-term business objectives.”

“Harrah’s is focused on harnessing new capabilities to transform
customer experiences in ways never before seen and in so doing,
enabling Harrah’s to remain an industry leader in customer service,”
said Howard Lock, director, transportation and hospitality for Cisco
IBSG. “IBSG is helping Harrah’s explore, validate and accelerate the
adoption of innovation to deliver unique guest experiences, employee
empowerment and operational excellence.”

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