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Wilsons Security offers fire & life safety solutions in PEI

November 5, 2020  By  Alanna Fairey

(Left to right Scott Ramsay, Dallas MacLeod, Peter Mayo and Andrea Fairbanks)

Wilsons Security recently added fire and life safety solutions to the list of professional services offered by its PEI location, which opened last year.

Gordon Hebb, Wilsons’ vice-president of sales, said that the decision to add fire and life safety in PEI came as a result of the success the services were experiencing at the company’s four other locations in Atlantic Canada.

“We decided to open up the fire and life safety division there because there’s not a lot of competition in PEI when it comes to that segment of business, and we know we can complement it really well,” Hebb said in a recent interview with SP&T. “We’ve slowly added more branches over the past few years in the rest of Atlantic Canada, so PEI is a nice way for us to test that in a smaller market, to see if we’re able to do it in our remote offices.”

The solutions that Wilsons’ PEI location will now offer include fire inspections for apartment and office buildings, fire alarm monitoring and inspections, and systems testing. “We also sell the fire alarm product to the electrical companies where they install it and then we come and we do the verification afterwards,” Hebb added.


When Wilsons made the decision to start offering fire & life safety solutions, the company hired Peter Mayo, who is a CFAA-certified Fire & Life Safety technician with 17 years of experience in the industry.

While it has only been offered at the PEI location for a short period of time, Hebb said that Wilsons has received positive feedback not just from customers, but from staff as well.

“We’ve had our current group of team members say how excited some of the customers that we already have on the security side were that we’re going to be able to service their fire systems, as well,” Hebb said.

“We’ve done a lot in a short period of time — And we’re going to continue.”

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