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Modernizing Building and Facility Management
June 24, 2024 at 1:00pm

 Sponsored by SALTO Systems

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Join us on Monday, June 24 at 1PM ET for an insightful webcast that explores the macro-trends shaping the future of access control, building management, safety and security. As industries across the board undergo rapid digital transitions, various forces including technological advancements, demographic shifts, evolving psychographics, political policies, heightened concerns over privacy and cyber threats are redefining the landscape.

This session aims to equip building, facility and infrastructure related security professionals with a deeper understanding of these dynamic market shifts and their implications. We will introduce the concept of the Salto Wecosystem — a next-generation approach to addressing the broad and diverse security and access needs of a world in digital transition—and share solutions ranging from cloud-based access control platforms and visitor management systems to modern smart lockers and facial recognition technology.

During this broadcast, you will learn…
– from an industry expert discussing trends shaping the access and security landscape.
– and explore how new, innovative technologies are addressing the new demands of building, facility and modern infrastructure.
– how you can assemble the right platform and systems to optimize your buildings, reduce costs & increase revenues.
– Explore the Salto Wecosystem, a network of companies and experts creating a platform for innovations that will empower access for generations to come.

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