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In a World of Expecting Everything NOW, Cloud Security is a Necessity

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In today’s world, we expect things now; order something online, it arrives at your doorstep the next day. This expectation has permeated our entire lives: we don’t want to interrupt our business’ work flow with time consuming bottlenecks that slow everything down. This is why cloud security is a must. If you’re an integrator who’s yet to see the value of the cloud, this webinar is for you.

Installing on-premise software can lead to more interruption for the end user when something inevitably malfunctions. Rather than sending a truck and member of your team on-site, which involves someone from the business, too, as the point of contact, cloud integrators can connect to the site remotely, find the problem and resolve it immediately, allowing the business to get back to doing what they do best, causing the least amount of interruption. Taking away such ‘pain points’ of hardware infrastructure for businesses strengthens your relationship with them as they trust you to resolve the issue quickly and keep them compatible and compliant with today’s security tools. Moreover, selling cloud security provides numerous benefits to the integrator such as recurring revenue, which helps to stabilize your business and deal with operational expenses.

In this webinar you’ll learn the following:
– Why today’s emphasis on ‘now’ impacts the physical security space
– How a subscription-based solution strengthens your relationship with end users
– Why recurring revenue is a game changer

Don’t miss this unique peer-learning opportunity to hear experts discuss how they modified processes, organized training, and implemented new technology to provide a higher level of safety on September 23rd @ 11 a.m. EDT.

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