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Wavestore partners with automation solutions provider Datalogic

August 16, 2023  By  SP&T Staff

Image: Wavestore/Datalogic

Wavestore Global announced a strategic partnership with Datalogic, a provider of automatic data capture and industrial automation solutions.

As part of this partnership, Wavestore is introducing its integration module which integrates Datalogic’s advanced data capture technology with Wavestore’s video management software.

The integration combines Datalogic’s barcode scanning and machine vision technology with Wavestore’s video management capabilities.

According to Wavestore, businesses can achieve enhanced situational awareness, improved loss prevention and streamlined operations as a result.

Features of the Wavestore-Datalogic integration module include:

  • Playback of Video Footage: Authorized users can access and review video footage of scanned barcodes, enabling verification and investigation of any incidents or claims.
  • Export and Snapshot Capabilities: Video footage can be exported and snapshots taken in various formats, enabling operations teams and users to investigate anomalies, queries and customer complaints.
  • Visual Verification of Triggered Events: The integration module allows for the correlation of triggered events with video footage, providing visual verification or denial of customer claims, missed products, lost packages, or other causes for concern.
  • Barcode Tracking for Individual Products or Packages: The integration module offers the capability to track barcodes for individual products or large boxes containing multiple products. This tracking functionality enhances inventory management, supply chain monitoring and operational efficiency.
  • Loss Prevention System: Operators can rely on the integration module as a loss prevention system.

“We are thrilled to partner with Datalogic to deliver an integrated security solution that combines the strengths of both companies. By bringing together cutting-edge video management software and advanced data capture technology, we are empowering businesses to achieve new levels of security, efficiency and operational effectiveness,” said Kevin Baldwin, head of marketing, Wavestore, in a statement.

“This collaboration with Wavestore Global Ltd represents a significant step forward in providing our customers with comprehensive and intelligent security solutions. By integrating our advanced data capture technology with Wavestore’s powerful video management software, we are enabling businesses to enhance their security measures, improve operational processes, and drive greater success in their operations,” added Carl Schooley, Datalogic’s application engineering manager.

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