VMS platform adds features for better, faster results

3xLOGIC, Inc. announces the 8.0 version of its flagship VIGIL System software.

June 25, 2015
By SP&T Staff
SP&T Staff

VIGIL Server is the core component of the VIGIL System software, upon which all other 3xLOGIC applications are built. VIGIL Server offers a convenient Installation Wizard to assist users in configuring their entire video recording and management system in minutes. The Installation Wizard helps define the system network parameters, the system ID information, and camera profiles. A template is then created that can be saved, allowing users the ability to reproduce a complete system configuration in just minutes. These templates allow for standardization across large roll-outs, in addition to streamlining the installation.

VIGIL Client, also included as part of the System software package, offers unrivaled access to live and recorded video from any networked NVR. Advanced playback and intelligent SmartSearch functionality empowers the user to identify and review events of interest quickly and easily. The result is a more accurate and efficient investigation of incidents, coupled with the ability to export evidence material. Additional Application Modules are available and can be packaged with VIGIL System 8.0; such as, VIGIL POS, VIGIL Analytics, VIGIL Central Management (VCM) for centralized server management, and HD Viewer for public view monitors.

The 3xLOGIC R&D team has added several upgraded features for the 8.0 release:

– RapidSeek uses RapidStream technology to allow for low resolution scrubbing of video.

– Thumbnail Searching utilizes thumbnails for easy appear/disappear-searching, requiring minimal bandwidth.

– IP Camera Web Interface allows easy access to the web interface of an IP camera through VIGIL Client.

– Active Directory Integration uses existing Active Directory to control who can access video on a Server.

– Multi-View displays multiple cameras simultaneously through a single stream.

– VIGIL Connect is a cloud-based relay server which allows users to remotely connect to their NVR with plug-and-play setup.

“By using the knowledge gained from thousands of installations, across multiple vertical market applications, we’ve enhanced VIGIL System 8.0 to respond to the market experiences of our end users;  the new features will deliver surveillance results faster and more effectively,” said Charlie Erickson, VP Product Management. “Overall, VIGIL 8.0 focuses on delivering more surveillance power and speed, without increasing bandwidth demand, while simultaneously laying the foundation for utilization of the power of the cloud.”

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