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VIVOTEK offers PoE solutions for surveillance market

VIVOTEK has announced that the company now offers Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) solutions to the surveillance market, including a wide range of PoE switches, PoE extenders, and PoE injectors.

August 15, 2014  By Staff

PoE solutions enable a single cable to provide data connection as well as electrical power to network surveillance devices. By adopting PoE solutions, the cost of the entire surveillance system implementation can be significantly reduced.

With profound market experience, VIVOTEK sees a strong demand for PoE products with high quality and compatibility. To meet the market demand and maximize the efficiency of clients’ surveillance systems, VIVOTEK has formed a professional dedicated force to source components and peripherals with outstanding performance. With stringent testing process has been implemented, a new PoE solution product line is brought out.

VIVOTEK has especially introduced IEEE 802.3af and IEEE 802.3at high power standards to its PoE switches and injectors, supporting power as high as 60 watts to be delivered over an Ethernet cable. In addition, VIVOTEK designed PoE extender for extending the surveillance system to 300 meters without any additional power supply required, significantly saving the implementation manpower and hardware costs. The PoE extender is especially ideal for factory applications. With the introduction of VIVOTEK PoE products, the implementation of a complete and long distance surveillance system has been transformed into a simple task.

VIVOTEK’s Executive Vice President, Steve Ma, stated, “To fulfill clients’ needs with high quality and cost effective solutions is always VIVOTEK’s top priority. Today, VIVOTEK proudly announced its PoE products to offer clients with comprehensive solutions. This progression enables clients to build surveillance systems without having to waste time and energy searching for components or software from other companies. With professional consultancy from VIVOTEK, installing a surveillance system is now as easy as ever.”


Besides PoE extenders and PoE injectors, VIVOTEK especially developed a wide range of PoE switches, such as 4-channel, 8-channel, 16-channels, and 24-channel form factors for industrial and commercial applications.

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