VIVOTEK launches design tool app

VIVOTEK announces the launch of the Design Tool app for iOS and Android platforms. The app enables VIVOTEK’s global customers to directly acquire precise and detailed product information based on their specific installation and project design requirements from their mobile devices anytime, anywhere.

July 5, 2013
By Rob Colman

In the implementation process of a project, choosing the most suitable product can consume much time and manpower. Back and forth communication regarding details of specific products or features in the preliminary stages of a project may bring associated costs or schedule delays. With the Design Tool app, the easy-to-use user interface and intuitive operating mode is designed to help our developers, system integrators, engineers, and all of our valued customers discern the best products according to their criteria easily and quickly.

Via the app, customers are able to select products by category for feature comparisons. Information about bandwidth & storage, power consumption, lens options, and system requirements can be calculated and provided in detail according to the chosen products and requirements. Compared with other similar apps, VIVOTEK’s Design Tool is the first one that works on both iOS and Android platforms and is equipped with the market leading capabilities in power consumption calculation and system suggestion.

Steve Ma, Executive VP at VIVOTEK, stated, “Mobile devices are an intrinsic part of today’s life. Apps on the move have become the most efficient way for us to communicate with our customers.  After the launch of our iVolume app, VIVOTEK is proud to announce the launch of the Design Tool, which will be the definitive resource to allow users to select VIVOTEK products which fit their need.”

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