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Visualint now fully integrated with ELK M1 control

ELK Products announces its new partnership with Visualint. Visualint is amongst 50 automation manufactures to partner with ELK Products to enhance ELK’s M1 Gold Security & Automation Control to provide security, lighting, energy management, door access, and audio/video capabilities.

June 24, 2014  By Staff

The Visualint range is fully integrated into ELK’s iPhone app, eKeypad giving the customer control of video surveillance.

Visualint’s product range includes intelligent video, supporting up to 40 zones with each zone initiating an automation event within the ELK M1 Control adding intelligent automated solutions to dealers’ installations.

Applications used with ELK’s M1 Gold Control and Visualint products:
• Automatically turn porch lights on when someone is detected on the front porch in the hours of darkness
• If the alarm is set and the camera detects someone on the left side of the house a lighting scene can be started to gradually turn lights on through the house as if someone is home walking towards the area of detection
• Create an alert if the children leave an authorized area of if someone enters the area while the children are playing. Also keep an eye on the pool and receive an alert if someone gets to close.
• Send video notifications off site to alarm receiving centers where the operator can see what caused the alert, view the cameras live and communicate with the person on site

Visualint’s VI-1100P internal motion detector camera is compatible with the ELK M1 Controls by connecting to the user friendly Visualint Line NVR and ELK’s eKeypad iPhone app using the Cat 5 hardwired connection or Wi-Fi, with no need to run additional cabling.   Powered by 12VDC, this camera includes a working movement detector that can be activated by the relay output and each VI-1100P includes two way audio and privacy filter as standard.

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