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Visitor management from HID Global

The EasyLobby Solo visitor management system for small- to medium-sized organizations functionality based on HID Global’s enterprise-class EasyLobby Secure visitor Management (SVM) solution for larger organizations.

February 7, 2017
By SP&T Staff
SP&T Staff

EasyLobby Solo makes it possible for organizations to transition from a multi-stage guestbook process to a digital solution managed from a single workstation. The solution provides registration and check-in, and makes it possible to quickly generate visitor reports to satisfy compliance and audit requirements.

Additional EasyLobby Solo features include: a standalone solution with an embedded database; optional self-registration via tablet, featuring a simple user interface; visitor information is securely stored within the application and can be emailed to first responders in emergency situations.

EasyLobby Solo also works with all HID Global printers and a range of ID scanners and can issue badge credentials in a variety of formats.