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Vicon announces new partner strategy

Vicon Industries, Inc. announces a new strategic focus for the company that is dedicated to empowering its team-based partner ecosystem and delivering greater value to the channel.

March 25, 2015  By Staff

Vicon’s new strategic focus includes building a team-ecosystem of Partners and industry experts to deliver transformational solutions that address the major challenges in the security industry.

Following an extensive review of the company internally and analyzing the current security industry, Vicon has identified mega-trends in the industry that created a need to shift the company focus:
· Decline in industry innovation
· Consolidation and rise in proprietary behavior
· “Siliconization” driving commoditization
· The great expectations for analytics have not disrupted the industry
· PISM functionality as an integral component of video management software (VMS)
· Company-centric selling, rather than solution selling
Vicon recognizes that the key to accelerating sustainable value for its Partners is to shift to more business-led collaborations to empower its partners to sell capabilities, not just products, and focus on capitalizing on the power of a collaborative team-based ecosystem and its combined knowledge.

“Ecosystems thrive when fueled by innovation and collaboration and lately our industry has seen a lack of inspiration and a splintering in working together,” said Eric Fullerton, Vicon’s CEO. “I want to ensure Vicon is a purpose-driven organization that makes the right Partnerships to deliver strong business solutions that enhance our core offerings and foster growth for our Partners and true value for our end users by protecting their investments today and in the future.”

In addition to creating a density of talented Partners and innovative solutions, Vicon will focus its own efforts and product development on empowering the Team-Ecosystem.  New initiatives and the specific details of the new strategy will be unveiled by CEO Eric Fullerton at the ISC West show in Las Vegas on April 15-17, 2015.


 “Vicon set out to make a difference in the security industry almost 50 years ago and our next objective is to empower a team-based ecosystem that works together around opportunities while delivering true standards-based solutions that enable end users to escape being locked into a proprietary jail by seemingly “Open Platforms” that in reality are proprietary,“ said Fullerton.

The use of integration standards like ONVIF is the only protection for end users against the de-facto proprietary open platforms, which are not truly open at all but tied into one or a few vendors. This proprietary jail has made interoperability of devices a tedious process. Vicon is planning to deliver a new range of effective solutions to the market and is setting the pace to deliver these solutions that can be leveraged to improve profitability and empower our partners to deliver unique competitive solutions.

In keeping with the New Vicon directive to drive standards-based interoperation, Vicon will soon be unveiling several exciting new products and initiatives. The first of these will be the launch of an integrated Access Control system. In the next few weeks, there will be several additional announcements, including the new integration between the affordable, easy-to-install HDExpress NVRs and Express DVRs with ViconNet, Vicon’s premiere standards-based video integration platform and one of the first VMS platforms to fully support the latest 12MP/4K cameras. In addition, Vicon will be launching an open source development program, Vicon Developers Forum, that will allow developers access to create effective applications to run on our cameras.

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