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Security Summit Canada 2024
February 15, 2024 at 1:00pm ET

VIDEO 1:40pm - 2:10pm
Responsible use of AI and its implications for the security industry

Speaker: Sue Abu-Hakima, CEO, Alstari

Artificial Intelligence has incredible potential to help humanity with all sorts of issues including climate change, getting us off the planet, cancer treatment, personalized medicine, agriculture, forest fires, etc. AI allows us to make billions of decisions in nanoseconds.

AI also has the potential for destruction. Criminals are already using AI for malware, fraud, identity theft, etc. Countries all over the world are quickly trying to implement safety standards to minimize its potential hazards.

The goal of this presentation will be to explain some of the AI terms we see swirling around us and look ahead to 2024 and the implications of AI for the enterprise and the security industry.

Sue Abu-Hakima, CEO, Alstari
Sue Abu-Hakima has been a practitioner of AI for almost 40 years. She has a Masters and PhD. in AI and is currently the Co-Founder/CEO of Alstari, focused on providing expert advice on artificial intelligence, safety and security.
Sue was also the Co-Founder/CEO of Amika Mobile, focused on public safety and security. The company was acquired by Genasys in 2020, at which point she transitioned to VP.

Sue is a rare woman technology CEO who has a reputation for excellence and innovation. As CEO, she provides the vision for her companies and directs business strategy, ensuring product development and service delivery matches customer pain points.

Sue is also a key inventor and innovator of 48 international patents related to AI, security, public safety, and messaging. Her first company, AmikaNow! was launched as a spin-off from NRC government R&D labs in 1998 and was focused on AI and automatic content analysis. Its Compliance Business was acquired by Entrust for its secure messaging platform. As a CEO and leader, she has created hundreds of jobs in AI, software, security, messaging, business development, sales and operations.

In 2021, Sue was inducted into the SP&T News Hall of Fame.