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Using electronic tools effectively for business communication

June 24, 2020  By Nicole Attias

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With our period of drawn out social isolation, coupled with change in the way business is conducted, why not make the most of your electronic communication. Businesses that learn to adapt during changing times, flourish. Make a commitment to step out of your usual way of doing things. Staying comfortable because certain things have worked well in the past, may not benefit you today. Face to face interaction is natural. However, there are other mediums to engage new client relationships. Make the most of your electronic communication.

Post regular articles that fit the preferences of your audience. Select industry specific topics that make sense and resonate with them. The information should be brief, informative and current. Pay close attention to the feedback you receive and use this as means to keep in touch and build your network on a deeper level.

Facebook is non-sales-oriented and non-corporate. However, it can be quite effective for staying in touch with your connections in more casual kind of way. You can post content that is light, fun or controversial. These are all acceptable. You can create your own social group as well and demonstrate your expertise in a specialized area. If you have regular tips to share openly with others, this can be a very effective tool in getting your message out.

There is a how-to-video on almost any topic your research on Youtube. It is a fabulous way to reach people and build rapport. It’s the next best thing to connecting live. These days people want information fast. So fast, that they are more apt to watching an engaging video for 5 or 10 minutes than read something on print. And that 5 or 10 minute video is a great hook to lead you into watching 30 minutes or even a full hour of great content in days to come. This is the most engaging medium today. What tips can you provide your audience? What information can you find on Youtube to help your business?


Zoom meetings as well as other video calls, such as Skype and Microsoft Teams, are effective for getting a personal touch that the telephone cannot provide. Dress for success. Speak with confidence. Ask a ton of questions to learn more about the people you are engaging. Treat video calls like face to face meetings. Pay attention to facial expressions and levels of interest.

Whats app
Whats app is very engaging. It is a step above the simple text message. It’s a great way to get an answer when other mediums don’t work. You tried reaching out to a specific person through the phone, through email and possibly through Linkedin, all without success. Whats app is another way to stay in touch with a simple message, while also sending appropriate content such as videos or written attachments that make sense to send out for a quick acknowledgement.

Today you are limitless in the ways you can stay top of mind to your clients. While it can be uncomfortable to connect in these ways if you are more traditional in how you get things done, not doing so can be a detriment to your business. Keep testing which medium works best for you and adapt to a new way of communicating with others. You might learn more efficient ways of getting the results you want.

Nicole Attias is a Toronto-based business writer and prospect coach. She can be reached at nicole@prospect2win.com.

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