Upgraded network security appliance

Genetec announces the SV-16v3 network security appliance, the latest addition in the Genetec SV family of network security appliances. It will be powered by an Intel Core i3 processor for greater processing speed. It will also offer connectivity to the Genetec Cloud Archives Service for extended video retention and reduced storage investment.

October 13, 2015
By SP&T Staff
SP&T Staff

With support for the Security Center Mobile and Web Client, the SV-16v3 network security appliance will provide real-time notifications, alarm management and video viewing within Security Center from any location. The pre-installed SV Control Panel will offer a streamlined step-by-step set-up and configuration wizard for quick deployment. An automatic update tool is included.

The SV-16v3 has been redesigned with a new case and packaging to maintain a consistent small form factor. New internal hardware updates and software will provide better recording and support for local video decoding, doubling as an operator workstation that provides a convenient and versatile solution for small camera and door count deployments.

The Genetec SV-16 network security appliance provides a turnkey system for deploying a unified or standalone video surveillance and access control system. Designed to support up to 16 edge devices and display video and access control events locally, the SV-16 appliance provides a solution to enable customers to consolidate multiple remote sites within a single security environment, or for use in small installations with the need to unify security operations such as video surveillance and access control.

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